New results on quantum correlated x-rays

January 6, 2024: We are excited about our latest paper from our quantum correlated x-ray collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory, the Nevada National Security Sites, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and Bar-Ilan University. Congratulations to BYU PhD students Daniel Hodge and Taylor Buckway and undergraduates Abi Mae Hardy and Eric Christie for all their work on it: "Confirming X-ray parametric down conversion by time–energy correlation" in Results in Physics.

2023 Computational X-ray Imaging Group Christmas Party

December 2023: So excited to have most of the research group at the Sandberg house for our annual Christmas party!

Paper on HHG callibration in SPIE Proceedings

October 13, 2023: Congratulations to PhD student Taylor Buckway, undergraduate research assistant Aaron Redd, and team for our recent publication in SPIE Proceedings: "Addressing calibration of high-harmonic generation sources used for studying magnetism." Work was performed with our BYU high harmonic generation system built by Taylor and also extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy at the Advanced Light Source. 

New publication on Laue diffraction microscopy in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

May 30, 2023: We are excited about our recent publication from the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation entitled "Mapping nanocrystal orientations via scanning Lue diffraction microscopy for multi-peak Bragg coherent diffraction imaging," by Y. Zhang et al. It features research contributions from gradaute student second author Nick Porter and undergraduate research assistants Josh Miller and Landon Schnebly together with our collaborators from Argonne National Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University, and DESY. Check it out here (link).

4 BYU CDI Undergraduate Students Graduate

April 27, 2023: Congratulations to Matt Ricks, Jacob Feltman, Christian McCombs (top from left to right) and Landon Schnebley (below) for graduating from BYU Physics! Best of luck in your future and you will be missed at Stanford University, Los Alamos National Lab, UC-Berkeley, and Sandia National Lab!

End of Year BYU CDI Research Team Party

April 20, 2023: We enjoyed our end of the year BYC CDI Research Team Party in the pendulum court. Thanks to all the team members, friends, and family who came and enjoyed the food and the demos!

5 BYU CDI Team Students Win Student Research Conference

March 4, 2023: Five of our BYU CDI Research Team students win best talk in their session at the 2023 BYU Student Research Conference. Congratulations Levi Hancock (left), Abi Mae Hardy (sixth on left), Nash Karrington (seventh on left), Jacob Feltman (twelfth from left), and Matt Ricks (not shown)!! Also great job to the eight other students who presented at the conference!

Nick Porter qualifying exam

February 6, 2023: Our very own Nick Porter passed his graduate qualifying exam! Congrats Nick!

Dec 2022 Beam Time at the Advanced Photon Source

December 2022: Strain Imaging BCDI team at 34ID-C beamline at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago, Illinois, USA. Working with beamline scientist Drs. Ross Harder and Wonsuk Cha! Featured in the picture are (left to right) Andreas Herrera, Nash Karrington, Nick Porter, Josh Miller, Richard Sandberg, Wonsuk Cha, and Ross Harder.

December 2022: Members of BYU research team outside the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago, Illinois. (Left to right) Taylor Buckway, Abi Mae Hardy, Daniel Hodge (Quantum Correlated X-ray team), Josh Miller, Richard Sandberg, Nash Karrington, Andres Herrera (Strain Imaging BCDI team).