Registration and Purpose

Virtual Workshop on 

Near Atomic Resolution Coherent Diffraction Imaging

April 27-29, 2022

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Lightning Talk Abstract Submission

On Friday, April 29th, we will have a session for 'Lightning Talks.' We encourage you to submit titles and short abstracts (<300 words) to give a contributed 5-10 minute talk. Submissions will be accepted up to the morning of April 29th so that people who are interested in presenting ideas or feedback from the workshop can present. It is also a great opportunity to highlight recent results for early career colleagues or students. Please submit titles and abstracts here: Lightning Talk Submission


Diffraction-limited storage rings will provide exceptionally high coherent  flux densities in the hard x-ray range and enable coherent scattering to very high spatial frequencies. Near-atomic to atomic resolution coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) is expected from planned beamlines, such as the Atomic beamline at the upgraded Advanced Photon Source (APS). However, several challenges exist in extremely high-resolution CDI including: collecting the data reliably, physical challenges (dynamical or Compton scattering effects), sample preparation, image reconstruction algorithms, computation limits, and image interpretation. In this workshop, we will explore these challenges, review the state of the art in coherent diffraction imaging, and develop priority research topics to enable extremely high-resolution imaging with coherent x‑ray diffraction. The major outcomes and a summary will be published in a workshop and conference report.